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UVM Microscopy Imaging Center

Overview of Services


 The Microscopy Imaging Center (MIC), is a Larner College of Medicine Core Facility designed as a multi-user resource for the collection and analysis of biological images for clinical and research applications. The MIC consists of 11 microscopy-based imaging systems. At the light and electron microscopic levels, it provides state of the art, quality assured, morphologically oriented services. The MIC is operated on a fee for service basis and provides professional consultation and assistance with equipment use, experimental design and interpretation. We are located in Room 150 of the Firestone Medical Research Building.


 Please use the following link to view our website:



The Microscope Imaging Center is now open and is located in FMRB. All MIC equipment has been moved and is operational. Please plan accordingly and contact MIC staff with any questions.



Getting Started



MIC Safety Policy:

Lab Safety Training Documentation:

MIC requires that all users submit their Risk Management safety training transcript and CITI trainings as a PDF or a screenshot before using the MIC core independently. Please submit transcripts by attaching them to a New User Request form or MIC Biosafety Assessment form in iLab (detailed instructions below). Access to equipment schedules in iLab will not be granted until safety training transcripts are received.

Reminder of safety training requirements at UVM:

Trainings #1-6 are required for all UVM lab workers.

Training #7 is required yearly.

Trainings #9-11 are dependent on your lab’s BSL designation and the work/samples you are bringing into the MIC & CBSR.

Training #8 is required for use of any laser-based microscope. 




1.       Emergency response for lab workers

classroom training

all UVM lab workers - once

2.       Keeping lab safe

classroom training

all UVM lab workers - once

3.       Laboratory Safety Roles and Responsibilities

online through Risk Management

all UVM lab workers - once

4.       Chemical Safety in the Laboratory

online through Risk Management

all UVM lab workers - once

5.       Laboratory Chemical Waste Disposal

online through Risk Management

all UVM lab workers - once

6.       Laboratory Ventilation and Chemical Fume Hoods

online through Risk Management

all UVM lab workers - once

7.       Annual Refresher Training 2023

online through Risk Management

all UVM lab workers - annually after year of hire


8.       Laser Safety


online through Risk Management


Required for Nikon, Zeiss or Yokogawa confocals, STORM, AFM use

9.       CITI BSL (every 3yrs)

online through CITI

if you work in a BSL lab


10.    CITI OSHA BBP (annual)


online through CITI

Workers at risk for contact with human blood, tissues, primary cell lines or other potentially

infectious material (OPIM)

11.    CITI Nanotechnology

online through CITI

if your lab works with nanotechnology


 Dr. Douglas Taatjes - Facility Director

 In an ongoing effort to balance rigor and reproducibility as we strive to provide excellent customer service to all of our clients, if you experience any service issues please email directly


Location and hours of operation





Normal Hours:

Mon - Fri: 7:30am - 5:00pm 


MIC Access (for trained users):


FMRB 150, 149 Beamount Ave
The Robert Larner, M.D. College of Medicine at The University of Vermont
Burlington, VT  05405



Rigor and Reproducibility





Name Role Phone Email Location
Douglas J. Taatjes
Facility Director
FMRB 150
Nicole DeLance
CBSR Business Manager
FMRB 150
Amy Gilman
CBSR Administrative Assistant
FMRB 150
Nicole Bouffard

FMRB 150
Todd Clason

Given E015
Kyra Lee

FMRB 150
Brad Vietje

FMRB 150
Jamie Levis

FMRB 150

Service Rates

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1. TEM (w/ Tech) (3)
1. TEM (w/o Tech) (3)
10. Leica BOND RXM auto-stainer (4)
11. Phenocycler (5)
12. NanoString (1)
2. SEM (w/ Tech) (5)
2. SEM (w/o Tech) (4)
3. Light Microscopy (w/ Tech) (12)
3. Light Microscopy (w/o Tech) (9)
5. AFM (1)
Technical Assistance (1)
IVIS system (1)