UVM Bioinformatics Shared Resource

Overview of Services

The objective of the Bioinformatics Shared Resource is to provide investigators with access to quality analysis services that will produce accurate, reproducible, and informative results efficiently and in a manner that quickly leads the results to publication, application to basic science and translational research questions, and/or preliminary data in support of additional funding. 

Our bioinformatics services include genomic sequence and expression data analysis, protein function, and systems biology.  We use publicly available and commercial software for quality assessment, sequence alignment, calling sequence differences, identifying genomic intervals based on alignments, counting reads based on alignments and genomic intervals, quantifying expression, microbiome and phylogenetics, and exploratory multivariate analysis.

Our analysis services include statistical model development and application, as well as hosting workshops and consulting on interpretation.

Our publication services include writing methods text for papers, editing manuscripts, responding to reviewer questions, and depositing data in public databases.


Please use the following link to view our website: http://med.uvm.edu/bsr/home


Getting Started


Operational Policies

BSR Policies 20161208 has three sections: authorship and acknowledgements; data retention and transfer; and payment policies and subsidies.  It is available on the BSR website under 'Resources'.


Dr. Julie Dragon - Director, Bioinformatics

4 Hills Building

Phone: 802-656-7777 (office)

Email:  julie.dragon@uvm.edu



Name Role Phone Email Location
Dr. Julie Dragon
4 Hills Building
Dr. Ramiro Barrantes
Statistics / Computational biology

7 Hills Building
Dr. Marni Slavik
Biology / Systems biology

3 Hills Building